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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

خلال بحثي على الانترنت وقعت عيناي على موضوع قيم اسأل الله ان ينفع به الجميع وهو اسئلة الهيئة السعودية للتخصصات الصحية .
للأمانة الموضوع كاملا منقول

ملحوظة : يوجد مركز تدريب يقدم دورة لطلاب المعاهد اللي عندهم اختبار الهيئة قبل الاختبار بفترة وعندهم نماذج من أسئلة الهيئة يحلونها أثناء الدورة المركز بالرياض فقط في العليا واتوقع عندهم طلاب وطالبات
رقم المركز

[align=left]هذه نماذج من بعض اسئلة الهيئه .

1 Ondansetron HCL is used for :
a- Hypertension
b- Angina pectoris
c- Prophylaxis of migraine
d- Anti-emetic*

It is used as anti-emetic with patients receiving cytotoxics due
to its serotonin antagonism.
Ondansetron is [ Zofran 2 , 4 mg. Tab & Amp. ]

2 All These are side effects of Chloramphenicol except :
a- Irreversible a plastic anemia
b- optic neuritis
c- peripheral neuritis
*d- iron deficiency anemia

3 Ticlopidine is used for :
a- Anticoagulant
b- Antibiotic
c- anticholinergic
*d- Antiplatelets

4 All these drugs are fibrinolytic except :
*a- Dipyridamole
b- Steptokinase
c- urikinase

5 All These drugs cause anti-metabolic effect except :
a- Methotrexate
b- Flurouracil
C- Cytabrin
d- Azothioprine
*e- Cyclophosphamide

6 All These drugs can be used for Parkinsonism except :
a- Selgitine HCL
b- Carbidopa
c- Pergolide
*d- Nedocromil Sod.

7 all These cases not cure with thiazides except :
*a- Hypernatrimia
b- hyperglycemia
c- Hypokalaemia
d- hyperuricaemia

8 Cardiac arrest could be managed by the following except :
a- Ephedrine
b- Ledocaine
*c- Propranolol
d- Normal saline

9 Insulin which can be given I.V. is :
*a- Regular type b- 30/70 type
c- NPH type
d- Non of the above

10 Drug is used for Leishmania :
*a- Sod. Stiboglyconate
b- Sod. Cromoglyconate
c- Mebendazole

11 All These drugs are anti-bacterial except :
*a- Zalcitabine
c- Cefprazone

12 All These are natural Estrogens except :
*a- Mestronol
b- Oestrone
c- Oestriol
d- Oestradiol

13 Co-Trimethoxazole contains ;
Trimethopirm + Sulphmethoxazole

14 Which one of the following has vasodilator effect :
a- Nicotine
b- Cholestyramin
c- urikinase
d- Vit. A

15 One of the following is not from Quinolone group :
a- Nalidixic aci
b- Quinine
c- Eoxacin
d- Norfloxacin

16 One of the following is not for Epilepsy :
a- Clorizepam
b- Phenytoin
c- Primidone
d- Imipramine

17 All of these can be used for Leprosy except :
a- Dapson
b- Rifampcin
c- Clofazinine
*d- INH

18 Sumatriptan is used for :
a- Hypertension
*b- Treatment of migraine
c- Angina Pectoris
d- Control of Epilepsy

19 Which one of the following is enzyme inducer :
*a- Rifampcin
b- Cimetidine
c- Chloramphenicol
d- Vit. C

20 All of the following for prophylaxis of asthma except :
a- Ketotifen
b- Nedocromil Sod.
c- Sod. Cromoglycate
*d- Salbutamol

21 All of the following is NSAH [ non sedating antihistamine ] except :
a- Loratidine
b- Cetrizine
c- Astemizol
*d- Azotodin

22 All of the following are controlled drugs except :
a- Rivotril
*b- Epanutin
c- Sresolid
d- Diazepam

23 All These drugs are anti-viral except :
a- Amantadine
b- Zidovudine
c- Acyclovir
*d- Aluerin [ anti-spasmodic ]

24 Which one of the symptoms does not occur with morphine :
*a- Diarrhea
b- Respiratory depression
c- Constipation
d- Vomiting

25 Which one of these drugs is not used for acute pain :
a- Naproxen
b- Colchicine
c- Codeine
*d- Prednisolone

26 Which one of these drugs is drug of choice for Myxodema
[ Hypothyrodism ]
a- Carbimazole
b- iodine
*c- thyroxin sod.
d- propyl thiouracil

27 Benzyl peroxide is a local treatment for Acne Vulgaris

28 Vit. A daily dose is 30,000 - 50,000 IU for the correction of
deficiency and for therapy from 100,000 - 200,000 IU / daily

29 The drug of choice for the treatment of amoebae :
a- Chloramphenicol
b- Tetracycline
c- Gentamycin
*d- Metronidazole

30 To prevent more absorption of the toxic drug we use :
a- Water
b- Salt Sol.
c- Saline
*d- Charcoal

31 Hepatitis Vaccine dose is :
a- Once / year
b- Twice / Year
*c- Three times / Year

32 Which one is OTC drug :
*a- Simple analgesic
b- Warfarin
c- Ciprofloxacin

33 Anti-coagulant effect of Warfarin is decreased by :
a- Rifampcin
b- Aspirin
*c- Vit. K
d- Verapamil

34 One of the following is given once daily
a- Amorphous Insulin
*b- Protamine Zinc Insulin
c- Neutral insulin
d- Regular Insulin

35 The steady state conc. Of the drug in the plasma depends on :
a- Direct proportion to the rate of administration
b- Indirect proportion to the rate of administration
c- Indirect proportion to the rate of elimination
*d- Direct proportion to the rate of elimination

36 All these are Anti-Coagulants except :
a- Warfarin
b- Ancord
c- Heparin
*d- Dipyridamol

37 All these are Anti-Platelets except :
a- Dipyridamol
b- Aspirin
*c- Streptokinase
d- Presantin
e- Ticlopidine

38 Ferrograde is :
*a- Ferrous Sulphate
b- Ferrous Citrate
c- Ferrous gluconate
d- Ferrous Fumarate

39 Procainamide is :
a- Ca channel blocker
b- Nifedipine
c- Lisinopril
*d- Qunidine

40 What is the mechanism of action of Vit. K ?
Vit. K has an essential role in the synthesis of coagulation
factors by hepatic cells.

41 Thiazide diuretics cause all the following except :
a- Hypokalamia
b- Hypercalcemia
c- Hyperuricamia
d- Hyponatrimia
e- Hyperglycemia
*f- Hypernatremia

42 Treatment with anti-arrhythmic drug depends on except :
a- Type of medication
b- Period of medication
*c- Patient ***

43 Elimination of Digoxin is mainly by :
a- Kidney
b- Liver
*c- Both
d- None of the above

44 Dobutamine is given I.V. because :
*a- It is not stable in the gastric PH
b- It is needed in large quantities in case of oral route
c- It is eliminated very quickly

45 Amilorid as trimetren causes :
a- CNS disturbance
*b- Hyperkalamia
c- Hypokalamia
d- Not affect K [ Potassium ]

46 What is the most drug can cause damage if it is given OTC ?
a- Captopril
*b- Warfarin
c- Chlorothiazide
d- Rifampcin

47 Drug physical dependence is as same as drug abuse
*a- True b- false

48 Mention two Thiazide diuretics ?
1- Chlorothiazide 2- Hydrochlorothiazide

49 What is the difference between QID & Q6H ?
QID = 4 times / day
Q6H = every after 6 hours

50 What is the difference between the following anti-fungal ?
Miconazole = local & systemic
Amphotercin = parenteral only
Griseofulvin = oral

51 Give the indication of the following drugs :

1- Gimfibrazole for hyperlipidaemia
2- Cisapride for gastro-oesophegyal reflux
3- Fluoxetin SSRI [ selective serotonin reuptake inh.]
( Antidepressant )
4- Carbimazole for hyperthyrodism
5- Imipramine Tricyclic anti-depressant
6- Ipratropium Br. Anti muscarinic as broncho-dilator

52 All are anti-metabolic except :
a- Methotrexate
b- Flurouracil
c- Cytabrin
d- Azothiopin
*e- Cyclophosphamide

53 Cefaclor is :
a- Ist, Generation Cephalosporin
*b- 2nd, generation Cephalosporin c- 3rd, generation Cephalosporin
d- None of the above

54 Which Aminoglycoside antibiotic can be taken orally ?
a- Gentamycin
*b- Neomycin
c- Amikacin
d- Tobramycin

55 Teicoplanin antibiotic has similar effect on Gram positive as :
*a- Vancomycin b- Jamicacin
c- Gentamycin
d- Kanamycin

56 Which one is not Tetracycline ?
a- Minocycline
b- Demeclocycline
c- Doxycycline
*d- Clindamycin

57 Which one is not Ca channel blocker ?
a- Verapamil
b- Deltiazem
c- Amlodipine
*d- Cinnarzine

58 Mesalazine is used for the treatment & maintenance of remission
of Ulcerative Colitis

59 Mention 4 lipid soluble vitamins ?
Vit. A, D ,E & K

60 Imipenam [ Carbapenam ]
It is the first Thiemamycin Beta - Lactam anti-biotic

61 All These medications are used in treating T.B. except :
*a- Cyclosporin b- INH
c- Cycloserin
d- Rifampcin

62 All These drugs are anti-cholinergic except :
a- Iprotropium
b- Atropine Sulphate
c- Benzatropine Methylate
*d- Dobutamin

63 All Of These are antibiotics except :
*a- Zalcitabin b- Cefaprozil
c- loefloxacin
d- Cefopodoxin

64 There is one drug is used for HIV :
*a- Zalcitabin b- Kinasterdin
c- Cefaprozil
d- Enoxacin

65 Which one is Suprax ?
*a- Cefixime b- Itraconazole

66 Which one is Sporanox ?
a- Cefixime
*b- Itraconazole

67 All of These can be used in treating leprosy except :
a- Dapson
b- Rifampcin
c- Clofazimine
*d- INH

68 One of these is not like the others :
a-Timolol Non - selective
*b- Acebutalol Selective Beta Blocker c- Labetolol Non - selective
d- Betaxolol Non - selective

69 Which is not Aminoglycoside ?
a- Netilimicin
b- Tobramycin
c- Kanamycin
*d- Lymecyclin

70 Betahistine HCL
*a- For Mieniere disease b- Antihistamine
c- Analgesic
d- a & b

71 Which one is not 5HT3 antagonist ?
a- Tropisetron
b- Ondansetron
*c- Domperidone [ Motilium ]
d- Granisetron

72 Which is not oral anti-coagulant ?
a- Warfarin
*b- Enoxaprine
c- Phenidione
d- Nicoumolone

73 Which is correct ? Diazepam
a- Can cause muscle spasm
b- Is taken I.M. only
c- Is derivative from Morphine
*d- Is not used for long term

74 Maximum dose of Paracetamol is 4 Gm / day

75 The duration of treatment of T.B. by CTC is :
[ CTC is Tuberculosis Committee Thoracic Society ]
a- One week
b- Two months
c- One month
*d- 6 months

76 Metoclopramide is a dopamine antagonist
acts centrally by blocking Vomiting Center [ V.C. ] and
peripherally acts on the Chemo-Receptor Trigger Zone [ CTZ ]
to be used as anti-emetic.

77 Which one is contra-indicated in pregnancy :
a- Sucralfate
b- Ethambutol
c- Chlorphenramine
*d- Ciprofloxacin

78 What is the definition of Bioavailability of the drug ?
Is the quantity of the active constituent of the drug
absorbed by the blood through the intestine or any other
route in a certain period of time .
OR : It is the conc. of the drug in the blood in a certain
period of time

79 Give an ex. Of a drug induce Hepatotoxicity ?
1- Paracetamol 2- Ketoconazol
3- Rifampcin 4- Quinolones

80 Give an ex. Of a drug induce Nephrotoxicity ?
Aminoglycosides as Gentamycin

81 Give the anti-dote for each of the following :
Heparin Protamine Sulphate
Paracetamol Acetyl cystine
Warfarin Vit. K
Morphine Naloxone

82 What is the generic name of Vit. B 12 ?

83 Zidovudine is used for HIV

84 What is the meaning of poor patient compliance ?
The patient did not take the medication properly [ not proper
dose, not proper time ] may be due to the dose regimen is not
easy or the dose is high, or the side effects is clear

85 Fluxotine is :
Prozac is selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor

86 Omeprazole is
Losec is a proton pump inhibitor

87 Mention two diseases cause Edema ?
1- Renal Failure 2- Congestive Heart failure

88 Give examples of drug - drug interactions ?
1- Warfarin Aspirin
2- Insulin B-Blockers
3- Heparin Aspirin & Ampicillin
4- Warfarin Vit. K
5- Warfarin Phenobarbital
6- Spironolactone Digoxin
7- ACEI Pot. Sparing diuretics

89 Generic name of :
Vit. B1 Thiamine
Vit. B2 Riboflavin
Vit. B6 Pyridoxin
Vit. B12 Cyanocobolamine

90 All of these are the components of Calamine lotion B.P. except :
a- ZnO
b- calamine
c- Sod. Citrate
d- Bentonite
*e- Sod. Sulphate

91 Terbinafine is used topically for :
a- Eczema
b- Candida
*c- Fungal infections

92 Which one is not contra-indicated in pregnancy ?
a- Captopril
b- Enalpril
c- Lisinopril
*d- Methyldopa

93 PCP [ Pneumocystis Corini Pneumonia ]
a- Virus
b- Bacteria
*c- Parasite
d- Mycobacterum

94 Which of the following is not antibiotic ?
a- Erythromycin
b- Cefprozil
c- Ceprodoxin
*d- Finasteride

95 Which one is used for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia [ BPHP ]
a- Flumazenil
b- Cefprozil
c- Mivacurim
*d- Finasteride

96 All of these are third generation Cephalosporin except :
a- Cefixime
*b- Cefopodoxime
c- Ceftriaxone
d- Cefotaxime

97 Which of the following is not mucolytic ?
a- Bromohexin
b- Carbocistene
c- Ambroxol
d- guaphenesin
*e- Dextromethorphan

98 Which one is anti-platelet ?
*a- Ticlopidine
b- Desfluron
c- Aldesleukin
d- Atovaquon

99 All of these anti-neoplastic except :
a- Aldesleukin
b- Teniposide
c- Pentostatin
*d- Amlodipine

100 Which is not Benzodiazepine ?
a- Temazepam
b- Nitrozepam
c- Loprazolam
d- Clozapine*

اسئلة الهيئة السعودية للتخصصات الصحية 19/8/1429 هـ
ملحوظة: الشرح بين النجمتين ** ملاحظات صاحبة الموضوع

1/ Not pure B-Blocker:
** Because it's alpha & beta blocker ..and trandate it's the trade name of "Labetalol".
2/ which type of insulin taken orally:
Insulin not taken orally.
3/ Regular insulin characters:
-all of the above ***

4/ Cefotaxime:
3rd generation cephalosporin.
5/ 100 grain equal:
-0.65 g
-0.065 g
-6.5 g***
-non of the above
السؤال هذا لازم يجي بالهيئة ركزو عليه
One grain = 0.065 grams.
6/ B-Blocker used for :
-all of them*** -
-non of them
7/ Fosinopril is:
**fosinopril is the generic name .. and it's class : ACE inhibitor

8/ Enalapril:
**Enalapril is the generic name .. and it's class : ACE inhibitor
9/ which one of these drug cause constipation:
10/ All of these Anticoagulant except:
**Because clopidogrel is Antiplatelet drug ,, trade name: plavix®
11/ Ticlid® is:
**Ticlid® = Ticlodipine ..
12/ The PH of eye is or ph suitable for eye solution is :
From 6-8

13/ Zestril® is :
** Lisinopril is the generic name .. and it's class : ACE inhibitor
14/ All of these used as prophylactic in asthma except:
-Sod. Cromoglycate
-Ventolin ***
**Because Salbutamol used in treatment of asthma not prophylactic.
15/ Protamin Zinc insulin:
Taken once daily
**Because it is long acting insulin
16/ Side effect of Sulphonylurea:
** Sulphonylurea is NIDDM / oral hypoglycemic agent.
17/ Cinnarizine used in:
Migraine headache

18/ Adol Maximum dose for adult is:
4 grams or 4000 mg
19/ Percentage of Nacl 500mg w/w is:
20/ Used as Anti amoeba:
**Anazol® is the trade name of "metronedazole".
21/ The rapid onset of administration is:
22/ The meaning of drug that is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy by FDA :
Pregnancy Category X
23/ Acetab is:

24/ Which of these is/are catecholamine's:
-All of them ***
** catecholamine = adrenaline
25/ If u given that pre******ion from doctor:
That will be …
**emulsion=water+oil / Solution=soluble solid+liquid or water+salt
Elixir=containing alcohol /Suspension=insoluble solid+liquid
26/ Rx
It will be ..
27/ Meaning of Tid:
Three times daily
28/ cialis is:
29/ Which of the following can't taken without pre******ion:
-H2 antagonist
-Narcotic drug
-all of them ***
30/ which of these drug reduce the action of warfarin:
**drugs inhibit the action of warfarin=enzymes inducer=barbiturates , rifampicin , griseofulvin and carbemazepine.
** drugs enhance the action of warfarin=enzymes inhbitor=allopurinol , cimetidine , clofibrate and chloramphenicol.
31/ All of these are used in T.B except :
-Cyclosporin ***
** Cyclosporin is Immunosuppressant agent.
32/ Bethancol is:
Muscarinic agent
33/ Which is not cholilytic:
-Omeprazol ***
- Atropine
-None of them

36/ Which is not ACE inhibitor:
-Verpamil ***
**Verpamil is calcium channel blocker.
37/ All of these are Antibiotics:
كان فيه اسماء مضادات حيوية معروفه انا اذكر المستبعد هو
Because it's anti viral
38/ Imigran used for:
Treatment of migraine
39/ All of these are aminoglycoside except:
-Dalacin ***
**Dalacin® is the trade name of clindamycin.
40/ Natural emulsifying agent is:
41 / Injection in spinal fluid called:
Intrathecal injection

42/ Which one of these drugs can not be mixed with dextrose when taken I.V:
43/ which of these is fibrinolytic:
-all of them
44/ Terfenadine is:
45/ Cilazapril trade name is :
46/ Zelaic acid used for:
-Acne ***
47/ Propantheline bromide is:
Anti muscarinic
48/ Acenocoumarol is :
49/ All of these are Narcotic drug except:
50/ Daptomycin is :
51/ How many grams of water are used to prepare 60 g of potassium acetate solution have concentration 5% w/w:
57 g
** طريقة الحل**
المطلوب عدد جرامات الماء التي تستخدم لتحضير 60 جرام من محلول اسيتات البوتاسيوم الذي تركيزة 5%
من تركيز المحلول نعرف ان
100 جم -------5 جم
60 جم -------- ؟
نضرب طرفين في وسطين
60 ضرب 5 /100 =3
نجي ننقص بالاخير عشان نطلع تركيز الماء
60-3 = 57 جم

52/ How many grams of substance X are needed to prepare 100 cc from solution 1:1000 ?
كم عدد جرامات المادة اكس والتي نحتاجها لتحضير 100 مل من محلول نسبته 1:1000
Answer : 100 mg
**طريقة الحل**
ا جم ------- 1000 مل
------- 100 ملX
نضرب طرفين في وسطين
1 ضرب مية /1000= 0.1 جرام
والاختيارات الاجوبة كلها بالملي جرام يعني لازم نحولها
نضرب 0.1 في 1000 = 100 ملي جرام


Q2) nor epinephrine stimulate B1 adrenergic receptor and alpha adrenergic receptor?
- increase contractility and heart rate
- vasoconstriction and increase blood pressure
- a+b***
- non

Q3) use safely in the trimester?

Q4) isosorbide nitrate 20 mg & 40 mg ((بأي ساعة تأخذ الجرعة وما المدة بين الجرعتين
Isosorbide dinitrate is vasodilator effect antianginal in angina pectoris 2-5 mg befor 15 min activity likely to cause angina duration of action up to 12 hours.
In angina pectoris(prevention) sub lingual 2.5-5 mg two or three / daily
Initial= 20 mg 3/4 daily , maintainance = 10-40 mg 2/3 daily

Q5) شيء لا يوجد بالوصفة الطبية ؟

Q6)ما هي جرعة الباراسيتامول للأطفال الذين يبلغون من العمر 3 شهور
For child 3 months to 1 year the dose is 60-120 mg (i.e 2.5 -5 ml)4-6 hours to maximum foure dose daily .

Q7) glucose 5% is not suitable for:
-emergency hyperkalemia
-emergency water deficiency

Q8) ACE هل هناك اختلاف أساسي بين مجموعة
They are major clinical difference between the different member ACE inh:
No they are basically equally effective if used in appropriate dose.

Q9) isoniazide is TB agent that:
( اعرف عنه كل شي)
Isoniazide INH is a known to be liver enzyme inh , therefore its co- administration with drug that metabolized by the liver would lead to:
d) decrease rate of metabolism of that drug lead to increase response of drug

note( INH used in tb for 2 month initial phase and 4 monthes in continous phase)
adult dose 300 mg daily , chaild 5-10 mg

Q10) Digoxin is monitoring in :

Q11) اعرف كل شيء عن ال oxytocin
Indication: of labour or stimulate of labour in hypotonic uterin inertia by IV infusion do not use above 5 unit, used also for preventon postpartum haemorrhge after delivery.

Q12) one of this is not use in ascaris infection

Q13) increase digoxin level in person with (متى تزيد نسبته مثلا الكبار بالعمر و.... (
In elderly with people renal insufficiency the level of digoxin increase.

Q14) phenyl ephrine?????اعرف كل شي عنه
Indication of phenylephrine : acute hypotention,mydrasis, decongestant ,sympathomemetic, iv additive, ttt nasal congestion, running nose

Q15) all this controlled drug except:

Q16) احفظ اسماء ادوية ال bronchodilator

Q17) action of the allopurinol??
Mechanism of action is xanthin oxidase inh used for 1)prophylaxis of gout 2)ttt of uric acid and ca oxalate renal stone.

Q18) ACE I ما هو الاستخدام الأساسي ل
Hypertention and CHF regardless of the cause .

Q19) misoprostol أحفظ كل شيء عن
Synthetic PEG prostaglandine has antisecretory and protective ,promot healing of gastric ulcer & associated NSAID ulcer common side effect diarrhea its contraindicated in pregnancy.

Q20) nifidipine اعرف كل المعلومات عن
Is ca channel blocker is relax smooth muscle vascular muscle and dailate coronary artery
Indication rophylaxis angina , hypertention , raynaudes phenomens
Caution:withdrow if schemic pain occure.
Contraindication:cardiogenic shock, advanced aoretic stenosis , myocardial infraction.
S.E: hedeach, flushing, diazziness, tachycardia , nausea , conistipation ,diarrhea …. Etc
Trade name: adalat

Q21) ischemic heart disease contraindication :
-isosorbide nitrate***

Q22) time for treatment of Brucellosis is 6 weeks

Q23) what the name of antibacterial that take with vit c to increase activity?

Q24) narcotic pre******ion ما هي المدة التي يحتفظ فيها ب
-10 year
- 5 year***
-2 year
-non of above

Q25)clonidine كل شيء عن
Indication:hypertention ,migraine
Dose:50-100 microgram 3 time daily increased every second or theird day usually max dose 1.2 mg/dailly

Q26) % elimination of ferrous gluconate:

Q28) relationship between drug in body and plasma conc:
-one compartment model
-volume distribution
- half life
-elimination time****

Q30) E Coli cause of:
- U T I
- Diarrhea
- Meningitis
- All of a above***

Q31) which of the following is not cause weight gain:
- Insulin
- Pergolide***
- Bioglinide
- Metforme

Q32) aseptic technique use for:
- Extemporaneous preparation
- Ophthalmic preparation
- Iv injection preparation
- All of above***

Q33) which of one is no effect on platelet:
- Aspirin
- Heparin***
- Warfarin
- ????????

Q34) use of glucocorticoid?
Anti-inflammatory, acute hyper sensitivity reaction, suppression of inflammation , allergic disorder, conginetal adrenal hyperplasia , cerebral odema , asthma broncho dilator , rheumatic fever , hepatitis and sarcoidosis , immunosupprssion , aretritis , aphthous ulcer, diagnosis of caushin syndrome ,nausea, vomiting with chemotherapy , eye & ear inflammation, shock

Q35) extemporaneous preparation
Of misoprostol gel for cervical ripening: saftley and effeicacy of intravaginal misorostol gel.
Used in oral medicin for children when dug prescriped are unlicensed or off label for liquid, capsul ,powder.
The most common extempororanous prep product were solution and suspension .
And used in unlamellar liposome and in in perp lisinopril .
Note clamid: aprocess for extemporaneous prep of liposome the divice dialysate for dialysis generator.

Q36) narcotic ماذا يجب ان يكتب بالوصفة حتى تصرف أدوية
According to MOH regulation narcotic pre******ion can be dispensed by it pharmacist when:
a)All of above****
b)having clear ptn name and identification number written clearly on the pre******ion.
c)having the presciper number , identification number, signature clearly.
d)the pre******ion can be filled maximum of 3 days after his been written.

Q37) all of these cause GTI upset except:
- Valporate
- Pheno barbitone****
- Phenytion
- Chlorpromazine

__________________________________________________ _____

1)All of the following are macrolides EXEPT :

2)All of the following are used as Antiepileptic EXEPT :
a)Sod. valproate

The main use of metronidazole is 3)

4)The diuretic which is used with captopril is :
b)Ethacrynic acid
d)None of the above**

5)Atropine is used as pre-anesthitic to :
a)Give skeletal muscle relaxation as the effect of parasympathatic
b)decrease salive**
c)Help the sleepin effect of anesthetic
d)Treat the side effect of anesthetic

6)The responsibility of pharmacist work in hospital is :
a)Admenstration of the drug
b)deal with patient
c)deal with drug interaction**
d)monitor affect of the drug

7)protien bound drugs forming a compound which is :
a)Inactive while the free part is active**
b)Highly active while the free part is inactive
c)less active whike the free part is active
d)active while the free part is more active

8)All the following are controlled drugs EXEPT :

9)Pseudomembrane colitis is a side effect of :

10)Malignant Hypothermia is usually a side effect of :

11)Vasopressine is used for treatment of :
a)Diabetes of insipidus**
b)Diabetes mellitus type I
c)Diabetes mellitus type II

12)All of the following are used as cough depressant EXCEPT :
c)Codiene Phospahte
d)Morphine hydrochloride

13)Which one of the following is taken orally :
b)Estrogen gluconate**
c)Estrogen malate

14)Drug of choice to treat Leishmaniasis :
a)Sod. Stibogluconate**
b)Sod. Cromoglycate

15)Sumatriptan (5-HT1 agonist) is used for :
b)Migrane and headach**
c)Angina pectoris

16)In patient with Renal disease one of these drugs is not used due to Hyperkalemia :
d)Ethocrynic acid

17)In patient who asking for a decongestant , which drug is the best choice :
d)All of the above**

18)Allopuranol affects through enzyme action by :
a)Decarboxylase inhibition
b)Xanthine oxidase inhibition**
c)Cycloxygenase inhibition
d)All of the above

19)Which one of the following is consider as enzyme inducer :
d)Vit C

20)The new non-sedating antihistamine are related to :
a)H2 - antagonists
b) H1 – antagonists**
c)Both H1 & H2 antagonists
d)Non of the above

21)When a patient comes to you with a pre******ion of penicilline , sulfonamides .. you should :
a)Ask patient to avoid taking drug with food
b)Ask him to avoid taking the drug with milk
c)Ask him if he is an allergic to this drug**
d)All of the above

22)Which one of the following is not Tetracycline :

23)TB should be treated with :
a)single drug to avoid resistance
b)Two drugs to shorten the therapy period
c)three to four drugs to ensure eradication of microorganism**
d)Non of the above

24)Food poisoning is caused by :

25)Which one of the following is the drug of choice for Hypothyrodisim :

26)Which one of these diuretics is more potent than the other :
c)Ethacrynic acid

27)Phenylephrine is used for :
c)Running nose
d)All of the above**

28)A patient comes to you with pre******ion pf INDERAL, and you note that he wheezing .. you should?.
a)Give him the medicin
b)Be contact with him
c)Call the doctor to ask him about the pre******ion**
d)Ask the patient if he asthmatic

29)Theophyllin is :
b)β2 agonist
d)All of the above

30)Pentobarbital differ from Phenobarbital in :
a)Longer duration
b)Faster in action**
c)a + b
d)not used any more

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