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Developing a Strategic Plan

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Why Do a Plan?
Arguments Against
Takes so much time
Unable to accurately predict anything
Arguments For
? Why do you think?

List of Required Plans for JCIA
QI and Patient Safety
Emergency Preparedness
Strategic Plan
Departmental Plans
Facility Management and Safety
Fire Safety
Medical Equip
Utility Systems
Management of Information

Strategic Planning:
the process by which the guiding members of an organization envision its future and develop the necessary procedures and operations to achieve that future.
But Strategic planning is only a part of strategic management.

Strategic Management:
The Definition
Strategic management is a systems approach to identifying and making the necessary changes and measuring the organization’s performance as it moves toward its vision.
It has been defined as a:
“. . . . management system . . . that links strategic planning and decision making with the day-to-day business of operational management..”
(Gluck, Kaufman, and Walleck, 1982)

Strategic Management Model
There are 5 core processes involved:
Strategic Planning
Measurement & Evaluation

Biggest Faults in Planning
Not involve correct people
Separate financial planning
Lack of consensus on Internal & External Environment
Paralysis Analysis
Not address critical issues
Assume once objectives set, will take care of selves

Identifying & Communicating Planning Objectives
Communication key
Don’t overdo analysis by the few
What are the Real objectives?
Remain freestanding?
Change cost structure?
Integrate care?
Position for manage care?

Describe & Communicate Process & Roles & Responsibilities
Be clear what planning process is
Who will be involved?
Board & community
Initial, update, or what?
Time involved & what cycle?

Gather Historical Data
Past plans
3-5 years data
How long take to get?
How to review prior to proceeding forward?

Analysis Paralysis
How much is enough?
Undue focus on past
Review past strategies

Orientation Meetings
Planning Objectives
Approach, schedule, & key meetings with milestones
Review data findings – other data needs?
Identify people to interview
Identify other market research needed
Mechanisms for interface
Committee structure, staff contacts, communications, other logistics.

The Role of Senior Leadership Team:
It is the responsibility of senior leadership to strategically manage the organization.
Strategic management is a continuous process rather than a one-time event. Therefore, the senior leaders must become strategic thinkers and leaders of the organization and its culture, changing it as necessary.
To be the most successful, leaders need to be facilitators, coaches, consultants, and consensus-builders.

The Benefits of Strategic Management:
Breakthrough thinking about the future; organizational boundaries are more flexible.
A shift in focus from the inputs that are used to run the business to the outputs and outcomes the organization desires to achieve.
A focus on optimizing organizational performance and process quality as keys to delivering quality products and services.
A move toward an organizational culture that adapts easily to change.
Each Strategic Management cycle is an experience which will facilitate the future Strategic Management updates.

Strategic Planning
The first step toward strategic management is to develop a strategic Plan for the organization.

Setting the Stage
Planning Retreats
Stimulate New Thinking
Reinforce the Future

Strategic Planning Process:
Strategic Planning is a process whereby the senior leaders of an organization can envision its future and begin to develop the necessary procedures and operations to achieve that future through goals, strategies, and objectives.

Situation Analysis/Setting the Tone
How comprehensive the scope?
What constructive stakeholder involvement?
Highly structured or loosely organized?
Objectives clear & to be followed?
Planning to lead to actionable future?

Internal Assessment
(Maximum of 20 charts or tables)
Organizational Structure
Mission, vision, values to performance
Profile Utilization & Services of to 75-80% of activity
Primary Market Research
Strengths & weaknesses, value of involvement
Critical resources
Facilities, equipment, staff, assets & liabilities
Financial Performance & Position

External Assessment
(Maximum of 20 charts or tables)
Demographic, Economic, & health status trends
Healthcare technology, delivery, reimbursement, & regulatory trends
Competitor Analysis
Primary market research regarding market position
Assess forecasts and implications

Competitive Advantages & Disadvantages
Market Share & Operating Margin
Segmenting by Important Services
Simplicity versus depth

Assuring Critical Issues Addressed
(don’t bite off too much!)
Survival as Independent Entity
Competitive Cost Position
Market Penetration & Managed Care
Teaching Role
Trauma System
Physician Relationships

Summary of Key Assumptions
Critical Factors that will affect plans
Identify driving force
Which would be for the OK market
HMOs to gain significant negotiating power
State to increase regulation with new CON
Physicians will organize and compete
Specialty hospitals continue to drain volumes

Core Business Strategies
Determine Strategic Issues
No more than 10
Management driven
Develop White Papers on Issues
Recommend goals for issues
Task force or management driven
Identify Goals

Division for Board & Management
Policy for Board
Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Goals
Action for Management
Objectives and Action Plans

Adopting the Plan
Have an Executive Summary
Backup with full document (include process)
Hold formal & informal educational sessions
Finally get Board approval

Updating the Plan
Useful life 3- 5 years
Updated annually
Planning structure
Depends on stability of environment

Real Value of Planning
Process often much more important that the document
Alters people to problems
Exposes people to better ways
Makes people communicate
Consider value of retreats

Business Plans - Agenda
What is a business plan?
Getting started
Key components
Pulling it together
Tips and pitfalls

What is a business plan?
A document to convey the prospects and growth potential for:
Your products and services
the Market
How products will be made or services performed

What is it?
Recognize strength of business
Support your plan
Commit to a vision
Good follow-up to strategic plan

The Need
Faster environment
More competition
Forces one to think through key items
Sets a plan of action

Starting Out
Assemble Team
Determine type of plan
Outline the plan
Gather data
The Team
Who should participate?
Diversity of thought vs. like-minded

Types of Plans
Summary – for limited financing & plans
(10 to 15 pages)
Traditional – for extensive financing (20-40 pages)
Operational – blueprint for company operations (50-100 pages)

Thought questions
Think about your business situation
Why would you develop a business plan?
What type of plan would you develop?
Who would be on your planning team?

Key Components
Cover Sheet
Executive Summary
Business Background
Products & Services
Market Environment
Sales strategy
Financial information
Timetable & Metrics
Supporting documentation

Putting pieces together
Ensure that:
Your goals are tied to your vision
You can point to major opportunities
You are prepared for threats
You have described your customers
You can track your competitors
Putting pieces together
Ensure that:
You know your strengths & weaknesses
Your strategy makes sense
Your data is accurate
Your plan is clear, concise & current
Putting pieces together
Assemble your plan into its final form
Use your design skills
Remember the executive summary
Get someone to review the plan

Tips & Pitfalls
Tailor the plan to your primary audience
Consider having more than one version
Know your SWOT
Data Must be accurate & convincing
Make certain forecast and past performance are aligned
Deal with barriers

Tips & Pitfalls
Keep it as short as possible
Be patient & persistent
Develop it internally – don’t hire a consultant
Make it simple

Good Resources
Bobrow, E. 10-Minute Guide to Planning, New York: Macmillan Spectrum, 1998.
Tiffany, P. and S. Peterson. Business Plans for Dummies. Foster City, CA: IDG Books, 1997

No one can tell you the future of your business. But a solid plan will prepare your business for the future.

Elements of a Business Plan

1.Cover sheet
2.Statement of purpose
3.Table of contents
I. The Business A. De******ion of business B. Marketing C. Competition D. Operating procedures E. Personnel F. Business insurance
II. Financial Data A. Loan applications B. Capital equipment and supply list C. Balance sheet D. Breakeven analysis E. Pro-forma income projections (profit & loss statements) F. Pro-forma cash flow
III. Supporting Documents Tax returns of principals for last three years Personal financial statements Copy of proposed lease or purchase agreement for building space Copy of licenses and other legal documents Copy of resumes of all principals Copies of letters of intent from suppliers, etc
Cover Sheet
With company logo
What everyone sees first – make it good!
Name of business/project
Telephone & internet
Main Contact person/persons

Executive Summary
Read in 2-3 minutes
Give key objectives and plan in first 2 to 3 paragraphs
No more than 2 to 5 pages

Company Overview
Who you are
Where you have been
Where you are going
How you fit into the industry/organization

Product/Service De******ion
What products you produce & services you provide
Are you changing it to a new & better product/service?
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