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Risk Management in Health Care

Crossing the Quality Chasm عبور الفجوة (الشرخ) n Safety آمن( السلامة) n Timeliness في وقته n Effectiveness الفعالية, مؤثر n Efficiency الكفاءة n Equity العدالة

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الكفاح will become famous soon enoughالكفاح will become famous soon enough

Crossing the Quality Chasm
عبور الفجوة (الشرخ)
nSafety آمن( السلامة)
nTimeliness في وقته
nEffectiveness الفعالية, مؤثر
nEfficiency الكفاءة
nEquity العدالة
nPersonalized Care
العناية الشخصية
Source: Institute of Medicine Report: “Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century,” Washington, D.C
nThe Medical Errors magnitude..
Administration of Drugs Errors
nSentinel Events..

A sentinel event
is an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical
including loss of limb or functionor psychological injury, or the Risk thereof. Risk thereof means that, although no harm occurred this time, any recurrence would carry a significant chance of a serious adverse outcome
nAdverse events
unintended injuries or complications caused by health Care management.

..and more facts about medical errors
..and more facts about the risks to patients..
nNewspaper stories..

Serious Medical Missteps

The main kinds of serious medical mistakes, as reported by 114 interns and residents who responded anonymously to a questionnaire about their own most significant errors in the last year.

The Problem Is with the system and the System belongs to Management
D. Edward Demingn
nThree Suggested Practices
nICU Physician Staffing
nEvidence-based Hospital Referral
nComputer Physician Order Entry
nWhat is RM?
Risk Management is the process of reducing the incidence of preventable injuries in order to minimize the financial loss to the institution should an injury occurs
nPreventive Management
nWhat is PM?
nHow does PM relates to Risk Management?
nIt is a Snow Ball Effect.
nThe Rule of 1-10-100
nAccidents Vs. Injuries

nRM and Quality
nQuality Dimensions
nTech. Competence
nInterpersonal Skills

nSteps of Risk Management
Three Rs and five Is:
nRisk Identification
nRisk Analysis
nRisk Control/Treatment

nSteps of Risk Management(Five I's.)

nRMs Activities and Functions
nRisk Acceptance
nExposure Avoidance
nLoss Prevention
nLoss Reduction
nExposure Segregation
nContractual Transfer
nRisk Financing
nIncident ID, Reporting, and Tracking
nIncident Rev. and Evaluation
nActions to Prevent Recurrence of Incidents
nInternal Documentation
nLiaison with Regulators, Insurers, etc.
nManaging Liabilities

nThe Risk Manager
nRM Coordinators
nOrg. Structure
nRoles and Responsibilities
nRM Committee
nOutsourcing Functions...

Costs of Risks
nAppraisal Costs
nPrevention Costs
nFailure Costs
nInternal Failure
nExternal Failure

nAppraisal Costs
nEvaluations and Assessments, etc.

Prevention Costs
nProblem ID and solving
nSetting and communication of standards
nRisk Management
nCase Management
nDischarge Planning, etc.

Failure Costs
nErrors in delivering care and services:
nActs of omission
nActs of commission
nPatient Dissatisfaction
nDamages to reputation

nManaging Structural Risks
nHuman Resources
nPhysical Resources

Managing Process Risks
nClinical Practice Guidelines
nPolicies and Procedures
nCritical Pathways
nAccreditation Standards
nPeer Review

Managing Outcome Risks
nIdentification of Outcomes
nOutcome Indicators
nThe Bottom Line is to reduce $$$$ spent
Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Malpractice Issues
Malpractice; an act of omission and/or commission of a worker or a professional during the line of duty resulting in external failure costs.

; intentional act or due to carelessness

nThe Act of Omission; not doing something (forgetting to administer medication to a patient, etc.)
nThe Act of Commission; doing the wrong thing (giving the wrong medication, or wrong dose, etc.)

Malpractice Issues
Provider-Patient Relationship
nInformed Consent
nLegal Implications
nLiabilities from Medical Negligence
nInstitutional Liabilities
nOther Liabilities
nLitigation and Insurance

Regulation and RM
nLocal Laws
nNational HCQI Act of 1986
nHIPAA of 2003
nPS&QI Act of 2005
nCertification and Licensure
nEmployer Mandates
nPatient Advocates

Ethical Issues in RM
nCodes of Ethics
nResearch in Human Subjects
nBioethics Committee

nPatient Safety has moved up in the priority list of health care issues
nSafety is associated with identifying potential areas of risks
nRisks have to be prevented, identified, studied, controlled and managed
nManaging risks has financial, legal and ethical implications on patient care?

nNational Patient Safety Foundation http://www.mederrors.org/ , http://www.npsf.org/
nPatient Safety Institute http://www.ptsafety.org/
nThe Leap Frog Group http://www.leapfroggroup.org/
nAssociation for Professionals in Infection Controlhttp://www.apic.org/safety/
nAgency for Healthcare Research and Quality http://www.ahcpr.gov/qual/errorsix.htm
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MR.QUALITY will become famous soon enough

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شكرا الكفاح .... سؤالي ادارة المخاطر ... كيف يمكن تطبيقها بالمستشفيات من ناحية المرجعية بالهيكل التنظيمي وجود قسم مستقل ؟ وما العلاقة بين سلامة المرضى والسلامة العامة وادارة المخاطر والجودة ؟

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والهيكل التنظيمي لإدارة الجودة كالتالي
إدارة المخاطر RM
· إدارة الاستخدام الأمثل .UM
· سلامة المرضى. PS
· CM Case Management
· C&P الاعتماد والامتيازات.

ادارة المخاطر تعمل على تتبع اماكن الخطر والتقليل منه بعدة طرق اما التخطيط قبل ان يقع يسمى
Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

او بعد حدوث الخطر وهنا نحتاج لعمل التحليل الجذري لأسباب المشكلة RCA

أما مبادئ برنامج سلامة وأمان المريض
التزام القيادة
التركيز على المريض ومقدم الخدمة
التركيز على النظم والاجراءات
الممارسات الطبية المبنية على البرهان
تجربة التغيير قبل التطبيق
الاعتماد على البيانات والمعلومات
العمل بروح الفريق

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أهداف سلامة المرضى

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أهداف سلامة المرضى

بالنسبة السلامة العامة كما ذكرت في معاييرإدارة خدمات المرافق FMS
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وهي سبع خطط

خطة سلامة المبنى

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خطة إدارة أنظمة خدمات المرافق
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